Fergus Anderson

About Me

Born in 1957 on the family farm in Norfolk I am happy with the rural life. The changing weather, different skills required for farm work and the companionship of working in small groups make for a satisfaction to live life aiming for the long term. This is further confirmed my the joys of seeing the family develop over the years. 


Creator based in Norfolk, England.

The fun things and pleasure from creative activity are not always clear during the time of the creative endeavor. However like many things in life looking back on fun times highlights the memories and thoughts that you were trying to capture a sense of during that creative activity.

Historically creative activities undertaken have been single focused. Looking back at these make me smile. Only now can I remember the learning and challanges in comign to terms with each different activity. 


My Expertise

  • Drawing & Sketching 30% 30%
  • Video Capture & Editing – Davinci Resolve 50% 50%
  • Audio Recording Editing – Hindenburg Pro 60% 60%
  • Norfolk Dialect 20% 20%
Maize centre

My History

My Story

Initially I focused on learning individual technologies as they developed. As experience has built up it is now possible to realise that the whole picture is better made up of combining some of these when using creative efforts to capture a story or event.


1970's School theatre - lighting and reel to reel audio


1980's Photography capture, develop and print b/w


2000's Video capure 8mm


2010's amateur drawing and sketching


2010's Digital video capture


2017 Video editing Davinci Resolve


2020 Audio editing & podcast preparation Hindenburg Journalist Pro

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Before I get any older! Get in touch. You could help contribuite to my next video or podcast – I’d love to hear from you.


Fergus Anderson