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Real Farm Stories

Outdoor people talk about the challenges and struggles that truly changed who they became

What’s it about

Life changes, new directions, overcoming difficulty, farm life, family farm, working alone, satisfaction after achievement

Stories that you will hear

Living and working in the countryside is different. Freedom, community and the pace of life seem to be the great benefits. Fergus Anderson from Real Farm Stories gives you the chance to listen to these stories and hear how the development of a single minded character is required to overcome life’s obstacles. The uncertain person finds inspiration from individuals, community and the countryside itself to make changes to their life. These new directions are difficult, but the struggle in driving forward the change reveals a new inner self able to handle life in a more confident and measured manner. 

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Why did i create this podcast?

I wanted to capture the best farm and rural stories directly from those involved. They are fascinating to listen to – and inspiring for your own life.

The aim of this podcast is to:

  • Record these stories first hand
  • Preserve the stories for others to hear
  • Make people aware of the hard work and sacrifices they tell
  • Tell what life was like during that time
  • Capture what it was like starting a life in farming during those years
  • Hear how important those experiences were in the speakers life

The speakers will tell you about themselves, their difficulties and challenges they overcame, what choices they made and how they felt about it. Often at the end they will reflect on the whole story from afar and this gives us a chance to see ourselves in their shoes and ask ourselves – what would we have done?

Rural Work

Listen to these stories

Stories that you will hear

Imagine you are here – in this harvest field – as George Plunket, Colin Reeve and John Norman are having their tea.

The stories that they are telling. The laughs they are generating.

These are Real Farm Stories!

So you have got bogged?

You never thought it would happen, then suddenly the tractor slowed a bit, you fed in a little more power, but in it went.

The tyres are now smooth – filled with mud.

If you have a phone you can call for a tow, or you have to do the “walk of shame” back to the farm for assistance.

You will be remembered for this!

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Fergus Anderson